Stylish Spectacles

I’ve had to wear glasses since I was very young so I’m well used to it but I haven’t always enjoyed it. I was lucky that I avoided the era of NHS standard issue thick framed glasses but the choice on offer still left a lot to be desired. Through my late teens and early twenties I mostly wore contact lenses but over the last few years I’ve moved back to wearing glasses because there has been such an explosion of amazing, stylish, and vintage inspired frames!

My absolute favourite frame style has to be the cat-eye/ winged style. I also love a classic tortoiseshell design but if I have choice of colour I will always go pink.

So just for a bit of fun I though I would do a round up of my current favourite glasses.

  1. Pink tortoiseshell round frames. Love the heavier pattern details around the top and then metallic pink for the rest of the frame and arms. Refreshingly light too, and with nose pads which are good for keeping the frame in place.

2. Dark winged framed. These look black in the photo but are actually very dark brown with a slight marbled effect. Great classic style and match any outfit.

3. Red and white polka dot! These are Cath Kidston and are actually intended to be sunglasses but I had clear lenses put in. These don’t co ordinate with that many of my outfits but I wear them the mostly around the house as the lenses are so large, perfect for sewing and watching TV!

4. My all time favourites. Pink armed, silver winged lenses from Max and Co. I don’t think another pair will every match up to these. I tried to have them re lensed a few weeks ago but was told they were too delicate to try so when my prescription changes too much I won’t be able to wear them anymore which I’m truly sad about.

5. Round, tortoiseshell frames in light brown. These Kylie Minogue frames are so cute and retro and get a lot of wear. I loved the design so much I got the same ones in a darker brown frame with sunglass lenses too.

I hope you enjoyed my little round up of glasses. You’ve probably seen most of them in my outfit pictures but they never take centre stage so I thought I would give them some of the limelight today.

All these frames are from Specsavers over the last 5 years but I would love to know if you have any suggestions of other UK shops or online services where I can get some vintage looking specs.


  • Pin tuck blouse – Charity shop
  • Lipstick – Bourjois, Rouge Edition Velvet (colour – 05 Ole flamingo!)
  • Heart earrings – Homemade

Thanks for reading!

Rebecca x


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