Sewcialists Zero Waste Sewing Project

I recently wrote an article for the wonderful Sewcialists blog, all about a ‘zero-waste’ sewing project I recently made. Click HERE to read my article!

New Trousers and Hair Bows Passing the Playtime Test!

The Sewcalists theme this month is all about zero waste sewing and they’ve got a whole load of fabulous articles from sewers and crafters, showcasing their consciously environmentally friendly make. We’ve all got a slightly different take on the theme so it’s definitely an interesting read!

The Pattern I Used From Sew Much Waste

My project started with the fabulous Miyagi Trouser pattern from Sew Much Waste. This pattern is an adorable children’s trouser which has been created with the idea of making it from another/old garment, rather than new fabric. I’ve used it once before (to make a Christmas lounge set for my 1 year old niece, Little M) and really love the relaxed shape and style of the trousers.

The Blouse ‘Before’

For the fabric to use I chose an old blouse which was a hand-me-down from a friend. I LOVED the fabric but the style just didn’t look right on me. The blouse is a silk, shiny material and the pattern is grey/black stripes with big cat prints on! I was so excited when I realised this blouse would make the most fabulous pair of posh lounge trousers for Little M!

Finished Trousers with Cute Turn-Ups

After some jiggery pokery I managed to fit the trouser pattern into the blouse and I’m really pleased with how they turned out after some minor adjustments to the pattern to suit my material supply!

I had some sleeve material left after I finished the blouse so I dived back in and made two matching hair bows! I used simple rectangles joined in the centres and black ribbon (which were the blouse hanger straps!) to secure the centre of the bows. I hot glued them onto a crocodile clip each and I think they’re so cute! For more detailed instructions on how I made these, head to my Sewcialists article.

Two Matching Hairbows!

Short journey courtesy of the Royal Mail later and a special parcel arrives with beautiful Little M – fingers crossed that everything passes her approval!

If you were worried that perhaps this wasn’t 100% ‘no waste’ I can confirm that every off-cut went into my scrap box and I’m going to use these to stuff a cushion or little decorative hanging heart thingumabob! I tell you, no waste planning can get addictive!

I Think They Were A Success!

Zero waste is a hot topic right now and I’d be really interested in whether this is something you’re conscious of and if you’ve made any zero/minimal waste projects recently.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!